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Interested In Volunteering with SWARS?

SWARS depends on the efforts of our dedicated Board of Directors and Volunteers to make our conferences and golf tournaments operate smoothly and successfully. Show your support of SWARS by volunteering to serve on one of our standing committees.  Active participation on one of our committees is also a good way to be considered for a SWARS Board position.  Please review the descriptions of the SWARS standing committees below and indicate your interest on the form at the bottom of the page. The Chair of the committee you select will reach out to you to discuss available opportunities.

SWARS Standing Committees

Communications Committee – The Communications Committee assists with marketing SWARS.  The committee produces the SWARS Scroll newsletter, collects survey results, and reaches out individually to each 1st Time Attendee at our conferences.  The estimated time commitment is approx. 2 hours per quarter.

Day Of Committee – The Day of Committee helps with set up at the registration desk, exhibit room, meeting room, and other conference areas the afternoon before the meeting, and early in the morning the day of the meeting. There are also limited take down activities immediately following the meeting. The estimated time commitment is 2 – 6 hours on the day before and day of the meeting.

Golf Committee – The golf committee  is responsible for selecting the courses and negotiating contracts, answering questions leading up the tournament, preparing the pairings, the golf sponsorships and sponsor signs. Volunteers are needed the day of the tournament to assist with registration and help guide members to various areas of the golf course. Typically, volunteers would start out helping the day of the tournament with the potential to move into one of the other roles. The estimated time commitment varies depending on the role. Volunteers are needed for a few hours on the day of the tournament.

Scholarship Committee – The members of the Scholarship Committee serve as judges for SWARS annual scholarship program. The scholarship application closes in late April and within a few weeks, the judges (committee members) are provided a list of applicants to judge with 3-4 weeks to complete the process.  Generally, each judge has 12-15 applicants to review; and all judging is done electronically.   There is a conference call in advance to answer any questions regarding judging. The Scholarship Committee is busiest in May/June. The estimated time requirement is approx. 10-15 hours for judging with flexibility since all judging is done on line.

Sponsorship Committee – The Sponsorship Committee ensures that SWARS meetings remain affordable by inviting sponsors to support the organization at different levels. Those participating in the committee reach out to previous and potential sponsors in a series of emails and calls and then organize the information for the board. Sponsorships are actually purchased on-line via the SWARS website. The estimated time commitment is 10-15 hours per year.


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